In order to make better decisions about our grant making, we commissioned a series of reports from New Philanthropy Capital to identify some of the priority needs and some of the solutions that could make an impact.

The RS Macdonald Charitable Trust is able to support charities helping animals that have been abused or are in danger of abuse. We also fund initiatives that reduce the risk of such abuse.

Despite some stories of abuse and cruelty, most people in Scotland value animals and care about their health and welfare. Animal welfare is consistently one of the most popular charitable causes in the UK, and last year animal charities received almost a tenth of all charitable donations in the UK. Funders can choose between several promising interventions that improve the welfare of animals in Scotland, from educating potential pet owners to campaigning for legal change on behalf of farmed animals or animals in the wild.

This report sets out some ideas, but that is only the start of the process for us. We want to prompt discussion with beneficiary charities and other interested people. Do you agree with the findings? Are there important topics that have not been addressed? Please leave a comment below or let us know if you would like to write a short blog sharing your ideas. Let us know what you think #animalwelfare

Download the PDF file .