Medical Research

We fund medical research charities who are supporting research projects in Scotland. We also provide grants to Universities directly through our seedcorn grants. The  researchers we support are creating a better future for children and adults affected by neurological conditions or visual impairment. We are interested in research that looks into the causes, prevention and management of conditions.

We look to support departments and teams in Scotland who have a track record of delivering excellent research, and we are committed to investing in young researchers, new ideas and innovative approaches.

Funding is also available for charities that provide care and welfare for people living with visual impairment and neurological conditions.

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Recent Awards

Year Recipient Project Title Amount
2023-24 Multiple Sclerosis Society Can cells that survive immune attacks in MS protect nerves? £45,000
2023-24 Glasgow Caledonian University Reducing blindness and visual impairment in people experiencing homelessness £53,228
2023-24 Action Medical Research Developing a new gene therapy treatment for early onset epilepsy £40,000
2023-24 Beatson Cancer Charity Investing combining specific inhibitor with radiotherapy to improve glioblastoma treatment £30,000
2023-24 Stoke Mandeville Spinal Research (SMSR) Upper Limb Rehabilitation using Virtual-Reality in acute Spinal Cord Injury £10,000
2022-23 University of Edinburgh The University of Edinburgh Neuroscience Seedcorn Funding Programme £140,000
2022-23 Stroke Association Improving outcomes for stroke survivors with visual impairment £50,000
2022-23 Muscular Dystrophy UK What drives motor unit changes in SMA? £50,527
2022-23 Epilepsy Research UK DNM1 Epileptic Encephalopathy – mechanism and therapy £38,700
2022-23 Fight for Sight Identification of novel therapies for inherited eye disease £75,097
2021-22 The INSPIRE Foundation Electroencephalograph predictors of central neuropathic pain in subacute spinal cord injury £50,000
2021-22 University of Aberdeen Development Trust Parkinsonism Incidence in North-East Scotland (PINE) Study £45,000
2021-22 University of the West of Scotland The Alzheimer Scotland Centre for Policy and Practice Seedcorn Fund £60,000
2021-22 MS Society Scotland The Role of Different Immune cells in Myelin Repair £32,575
2020-21 Stroke Association Rates, Risks and Routes to Reduce Vascular Dementia (R4VaD) £60,616
2020-21 University of St Andrews Renewal of University of St Andrews Neurological Research Seedcorn Fund £90,000
2020-21 Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Predicting type 1 diabetes complications and therapeutic responses using artificial intelligence £40,000