Animal Welfare

We offer grants to charities that help animals that have been abused or are in danger of abuse. We also fund initiatives that reduce the risk of such abuse.

Programmes that encourage responsible pet ownership are of particular interest, as are interventions that address the needs of vulnerable people as well as animals.

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Recent Awards

Year Recipient Project Title Amount
2018-19 World Horse Welfare Field Officer Role: Scotland £12,000
2018-19 The Underheugh Ark Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation £6,000
2018-19 Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home Educational Outreach Programme £10,500
2017-18 Cetacean Research & Rescue Unit (CRRU) Whale and dolphin rescue work in northeast Scotland £10,000
2017-18 Dogs Trust Freedom Project Scotland £54,000
2017-18 Farmersfield Rest home for Elderly Donkeys Donkey Welfare £4,000
2017-18 Paws for Progress CIC Enhanced welfare and happy futures for rescue dogs £12,045
2017-18 Scottish SPCA Breaking the cycle of cruelty & harm £120,000
2017-18 South of Scotland Wildlife Hospital Running Costs £10,000
2016-17 OneKind OneKind animal welfare policy programme £29,775
2016-17 World Horse Welfare Rescuing Horses in the North-west and Highlands of Scotland £15,000

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