Animal Welfare

We offer grants to charities that help animals that have been abused or are in danger of abuse. We also fund initiatives that reduce the risk of such abuse.

Programmes that encourage responsible pet ownership are of particular interest, as are interventions that address the needs of vulnerable people as well as animals.

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Recent Awards


Year Recipient Project Title Amount
2022-23 OneKind Making a difference for Wild, Companion, Farmed and Laboratory Animals £34,000
2022-23 Pet Fostering Service Scotland Area Organiser (East) Salary costs £36,000
2022-23 South of Scotland Wildlife Hospital SOSWH – Contribution to core costs for the next three years £21,000
2021-22 Reanimate Reanimate £14,800
2021-22 WDC, Whale and Dolphin Conservation Understanding and preventing human impacts on Risso’s Dolphins in Scotland £36,000
2021-22 Ponies Help Children Help with core costs to run charity £24,000
2021-22 Mossburn Community Farm Contribution towards core costs £20,000
2021-22 Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust Saving Scotland’s Amphibians and Reptiles £33,312
2020-21 Farmersfield Rest-Home for Elderly Donkeys (FRED) Sustaining FRED £13,464
2020-21 Mossburn Community Farm Mossburn Community Farm £15,000
2020-21 Dogs Trust Dogs Trust’s Freedom Project (Scotland) £30,000
2020-21 Give a Dog a Bone and an animal a home Animal Welfare – contribution towards core costs £30,000
2020-21 OneKind ‘A Good Life’ Ending Cruelty to Scotland’s Animals £20,000
2020-21 Scottish SPCA Expansion of Animal Guardians programme £30,000
2019-20 Cetacean Research & Rescue Unit (CRRU) Whale and dolphin rescue £10,000
2019-20 Ponies Help Children Contribution towards core costs £8,000
2019-20 Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust Education, Outreach and Conservation in Scotland £15,000
2019-20 Mossburn Community Farm Mossburn Community Farm £20,000
2019-20 Canine Concern Scotland Trust Children & Dogs Educational Film £8,232
2019-20 South of Scotland Wildlife Hospital Running Costs £15,000
2019-20 University of Edinburgh Development Trust All4Paws £14,920
2019-20 Whale & Dolphin Conservation (WDC) Reducing Disturbance to Cetaceans Around Scotland £13,050
2018-19 World Horse Welfare Field Officer Role: Scotland £12,000
2018-19 The Underheugh Ark Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation £6,000
2018-19 Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home Educational Outreach Programme £10,500


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