In order to make better decisions about our grant making, we commissioned a series of reports from New Philanthropy Capital to identify some of the priority needs and some of the solutions that could make an impact.

One million people in Scotland live with neurological conditions. This number is set to increase as the population ages and medical advances enable people to live longer with multiple and complex needs. Neurological conditions affect people physically, making it harder for them to do everyday tasks. They also affect people cognitively and emotionally, making relationships more difficult, and they can shorten people’s lives.

This report sets out some ideas, but that is only the start of the process for us. We want to prompt discussion with beneficiary charities and other interested people. Do you agree with the findings? Are there important topics that have not been addressed? Please leave a comment below or let us know if you would like to write a short blog sharing your ideas. Let us know what you think #neurological

Download the PDF file .