Hear Me

Project Title: Hear Me Counselling for Children & Young People

Hear Me provides specialist counselling for children and young people across Angus, who have experienced (or been affected by) sexual abuse at any time in their lives.  Specialist counselling using an integrative therapeutic approach enables children to talk freely about sometimes painful issues in a safe environment.

Each child or young person referred to the service meets with their counsellor regularly.  Hear Me views each child’s experience as unique and understands that each child’s needs is different.  Hear Me prides itself in tailoring its service to meet the needs of each individual.

Our funding, awarded over three years, helps to provide free and confidential specialised counselling on an outreach basis, for children and young people aged 8 to 18 years who have experienced, or been affected by, child sexual abuse at any time in their lives.

“I had been let down by both my parents, they couldn’t bring me up – so i was taken away.  They hit me, they were supposed to care for me.  They told me I was ‘bad’, ‘stupid’ and ‘useless’, and I believed them.

Now I have a very loving and caring home with my adopted parents.  Sometimes I have night terrors and feel frightened I will be ‘taken away’ again, sent back to my mum and dad.   When I speak to the counsellors they help me feel better about myself.”

Johnny, aged 12


  • Visual Impairment & Sight Loss
    3rd Sep 2024 11:00:am

  • Neurological Conditions
    3rd Sep 2024 11:00:am

  • Medical Research
    3rd Sep 2024 11:00:am

  • Animal Welfare
    3rd Sep 2024 11:00:am

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