Your project proposal can be uploaded and submitted via our online grant application form.

We also require a copy of your most recent audited or independently examined accounts.

Before you submit your application please read the guidance notes below to ensure that you are providing all the relevant information and supporting documents.

Small grant applications can be submitted at any time.

For main grants the next deadlines are:

  • Visual Impairment & Sight Loss – 3rd Sep 2024 11:00:am
  • Neurological Conditions – 3rd Sep 2024 11:00:am
  • Medical Research – 3rd Sep 2024 11:00:am
  • Animal Welfare – 3rd Sep 2024 11:00:am
  • Tackling Child Abuse & Neglect – 3rd Sep 2024 11:00:am

On this form you will be asked for basic details about your organisation and the project that you are applying for. You can save and resume the form if you want to do so.  All of the required information must be completed before the form can be submitted.

The form should only take a few minutes to complete and you will then be taken to a page where you can upload the project proposal and any other supporting documents including your accounts. The application will not be accepted until there are at least two documents uploaded.

You should receive an email confirming that the application has been received. If you have not received this within a few minutes of submitting your application, please contact a member of staff.

Our assessment of your application will focus on the project proposal. This should be no longer than three pages (excluding budget which can be on page four) and will tell us all about your project and how much you are applying for. There is no set format, but your proposal should cover:

  1. The need that is to be addressed and how that has been identified.
  2. Details of the project or service that is to be delivered and time scale for delivery.
  3. How the project or service supports one or more of our funding themes (It is helpful to learn how people find the service/are referred in).
  4. Why your organisation is well placed to deliver the project or service.
  5. The outcomes hoped for and how you will know if those outcomes have been achieved.
  6. The extent to which support has been (or will be) secured from other sources.
  7. How the project or service will be sustained in the future.
  8. A detailed budget for the project or service for which the funding is being sought.

If possible, we would appreciate your proposal and supporting documents to be submitted in PDF format.

Accounts and Financial Information: A copy of your most recent audited or independently examined accounts must be uploaded with your application. If the most recent accounts do not reflect your current financial position, we would find it helpful if you could also submit up to date information related to your levels of funding for the current year.

Medical Research: Applications for medical research grants also require a fully presented research proposal and a summary in layman’s terms.

Capital Projects: Applications for capital building projects should be accompanied by relevant plans, permissions and warrants where appropriate.

Other supporting documents: You are able to upload additional documents to support your application but please note that the assessment process will focus on the proposal itself. It is therefore important to make sure that the project proposal covers all the main points.

If possible, we would appreciate your proposal and supporting documents to be submitted in PDF format.

All eligible applications are considered by our assessment panels and recommendations are given to Trustees who aim to make final decisions within two months of the application deadline. You will be informed of the Trustees decision by letter. Unsuccessful applicants are welcome to contact the Director to get feedback.

All awards are made subject to the General Conditions of Award which also set out the requirements for reporting. The release of some awards may be subject to additional conditions such as the need to secure the balance of funding from other sources.  Funding for new posts will tend to be released upon confirmation of recruitment.