General Conditions of Awards

1. General

a) The conditions set out in the Trust’s offer shall continue to apply without limit of time.  The applicant is bound by these and any further updates to the conditions, which are published on our website:

b) The Trust’s award is given solely for the work or project specified in the applicant’s application.  No changes to the work or project will be made without the written agreement of the Trust. Failure to do so will give the Trust the right to recover any award made.

c) Where there are no additional conditions stipulated in the Trust’s offer of award letter, the applicant warrants that by accepting the General Conditions of Award that it has secured sufficient funding to enable the project which was submitted to the Trust for financial support to proceed.  Where, since submitting its application, the applicant has secured more funding than required for the said project the applicant shall so intimate to the Trust so that the level of the Trust’s funding can be reduced accordingly.

d) The Trust shall have the right to cancel an award intimated or recover an award which has been released in the event that the work it was intended to fund shall not, within six months of the date of the Trust’s foregoing offer, have been commenced substantially on the basis proposed in the applicant’s application or as subsequently varied by agreement between the Trust and the applicant.

e) The applicant accepts that to the extent that an award shall not have been expended within one year of its receipt by it or shall be held to have been applied towards a purpose other than that for which it shall have been made, the Trustees shall be entitled to require repayment of any unexpended or wrongly applied award.

f) We are committed to an open and accountable relationship during our period of funding. We would ask that should a notifiable event be reported to OSCR/Charity Commission, including any significant event involving a child or vulnerable adult, during this period, that we are notified within four weeks of the incident. We acknowledge and appreciate that the reporting of such an event is a sign of you having robust systems and will work with you to determine the impact, if any, on our funding arrangement.

2. Progress Reports

The Trust will call for your evaluation via our online reporting, which will ask questions which cover:
  • a statement of the goals underpinning the applicant's application with an assessment of the extent to which these have been achieved;
  • an overview of the work which has been funded;
  • a note of any lessons learned and an indication as to how the experience/knowledge gained is to be used; and
  • a brief cash statement detailing the expenditure of the award in any reporting year.

a) The applicant accepts that it shall be under obligation to provide an annual progress report, to be received by the Trust no later than twelve months after receipt of the award, unless otherwise stipulated by the Trust. 

b) The release of second and subsequent instalments of an award shall be dependent on the provision of annual progress reports, demonstration the General Conditions have been met,  and up-to-date audited or independently examined accounts (and management accounts where appropriate) in terms which the Trust shall consider to be satisfactory.

If your budget includes an assumed inflationary uplift in Year 2 of your award, we will review this prior to your second payment.  In the event inflation is below your projection, we will discuss how this underspend may be otherwise deployed within your charity.

c) In cases where the Trust makes an award to fund the purchase of equipment or the holding of an event all that will be required will be a single report confirming that:

  • the equipment has been purchased and enclosing evidence of purchase
  • the event has taken place, together with details of the numbers involved and an indication as to the success or otherwise of the event.

d) Please provide an update on your Safeguarding Policy: has it been reviewed, and have your staff received any training in this area in the period we have funded?

3. Financial Records and information

a) The applicant will keep accurate and comprehensive financial records of the receipt and expenditure of the award and make these available for inspection if required.

b) The applicant will provide the Trust with copies of its Annual Review and its audited or independently examined accounts, and management accounts if required, just as soon as these become available. 

4. Governance changes

The applicant will advise the Trust of the following, as soon as possible:

a) Any significant change to its objectives and strategies.

b) Significant alterations to its governance.

c) Resignations of one third or more of the trustees/directors.

d) Changes to key contact personnel.

5. Monitoring visits

a) The Trust shall be entitled to visit the applicant to see the work it is funding.

b) If requested, representative trustees of the applicant shall make themselves available, at a time to be agreed, for a meeting with the Trustees of the Trust.

6. Right to withhold/request repayment of award

The Trust reserves the right to withhold an award or require repayment:

a) If it learns that any false or misleading information has been deliberately provided to the Trust.

b) If the applicant becomes insolvent, or goes into administration, receivership or liquidation, or cannot provide satisfactory confirmation of financial viability for the following 12 months.

c) If the applicant loses its recognition as a charity by either the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator or the Charity Commission.

d) If the annual progress reports are deemed not to be satisfactory.

7. Information and publicity

a) The Trust reserves the right to share information the applicant has provided with relevant parties (e.g. the Office of the Scottish Charities Regulator) to verify its application.

b) The award shall be acknowledged in all printed materials or electronic materials which the applicant produces in relation to the work for which it has received funding, and acknowledged appropriately elsewhere, for example in annual reports and brochures. Copy for external communication relating to the Trust’s involvement with your organisation will be sent for approval by email to the Trust, in advance of publication.

c) The applicant acknowledges that the Trust may use its name and provide details of the work or project which has been supported in any material it produces, electronically or otherwise and acknowledges that this may include details of its staff and/or volunteers in case studies and other materials

d) If your grant is to fund/part fund a specific post, it is your responsibility, as employer, to tell the postholder that their name, contact details, start date and salary information will be made available to us.

e) For more information on how we will collect and use personal data, please read our privacy notice here.