This year we celebrate the centenary of our benefactor, born Jan 10 1922.


Roderick Macdonald, known informally as Derick, was a gentleman of means.  Throughout the greater part of his life, he was a major shareholder in the family distillery company.  From birth, he was obliged to contend with various health challenges, not least with regard to his sight.  Derick did not take an active part in the running of the family company but followed its fortunes closely, offering loyal support to its board.

Derick determined to devote the greater part of his wealth, on death, to charitable work.  In creating his charitable trust he selected the purposes in a manner which reflected his life and experience.  He was always fond of children and he always had a dog for companionship who meant much to him.  He had considerable sensitivity towards those suffering with sight impairment and what would now be identified as neurological disorders.  He was also a member of a wider family which sailed and was consequently keen to see the RNLI, included amongst the range of potential beneficiaries.

There can be little doubt that Derick would be delighted to see how effective the Trust he established continues to be in helping those he wished to see supported.