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Project Title: Understanding Parkinson’s for Health & Social Care staff

Parkinson’s UK set up the Credit Rated Learning Programme to provide Health & Social Care Staff with a better understanding of Parkinson’s disease and in turn make a massive difference to how they can help people who live with the condition.

Participation in such a programme has a range of benefits, including:

  • care staff are able to gain a recognised qualification;
  • care providers are able to advertise that they have staff qualified in caring for people with Parkinson’s; and
  • potential clients and their families are able to make a more informed choice about their care

Our funding has supported the Parkinson’s UK Education Team to deliver the programme to over 100 Health & Social Care Staff, at different locations throughout Scotland since 2014.


Since coming in to post I have been involved in 5 of the training sessions.  The information provided over the 2 day course is invaluable. This is supported by excellent resources which cover everything from understanding, impact and managing the condition to communication and cognitive issues.

The great feedback we receive from Facilitators and their Participants is testimony to the content of the programme. It is so rewarding to hear the words, “I never realised the complexity of the condition. My organisation will now start a new Parkinson’s journey”.

No two people with Parkinson’s are the same and to date we have no cure.  Our aim is to continually roll out this programme,  increasing the knowledge and understanding of the core people who touch people with Parkinson’s lives on a daily basis.

Debbie Bishop

Co-ordinator – Credit Rated Learning – Scotland, Parkinson's UK


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