Freedom From Torture

Project Title: Helping Children & Young Survivors of Torture

Freedom from Torture Scotland provides holistic rehabilitation support to help survivors of torture and organised violence recover from their traumatic experiences and multiple losses so they can begin to rebuild their lives.

Our funding, most recently awarded for a further two years, helps provide therapeutic support, legal and welfare advice and advocacy & casework to help children and young people who are survivors of torture and organised violence to recover and ensure their protection.  It also addresses the complex practical needs they face in their journey of recovery.

“Continuing support of our work enables us to provide ongoing therapeutic care to some of the most vulnerable young people in our society at a time when they are making some of their most challenging transitions.

Our service currently provides intensive support to 10 unaccompanied young people from all across the world and it’s a real privilege to witness young people with very difficult past traumatic experiences, and who are living in sometimes precarious situations showing how they can regain their resilience. It is inspiring to me to be a part of their journey. It is humbling to conclude therapy with a young person knowing that they have been able to set themselves future challenges, such as a dream of attending university, following successfully completing exams and gaining confidence with the good results they have received.

The fact that these young people now dare to dream and believe that they can achieve their goals is very different from how they felt about the future at the onset of therapy and I know their new outlooks on the lives they have ahead of them has been positively impacted upon by therapy”.

Psychological Therapist, Freedom From Torture


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