Down’s Syndrome Scotland

Project Title: Achieving Better Communication Programme

Down’s Syndrome Scotland (DSS) is a parent led charity which was established in 1982.  They are the only charity in Scotland dedicated solely to supporting people with Down’s syndrome and their carers. Their key aim is that through working with families they will help to improve the quality of life of children, young people and adults with Down’s syndrome.

Our funding over two years helped support the ABC programme in which a qualified Speech and Language Therapist and trained co-workers delivered communications skills development sessions for children with Down’s syndrome and their parents weekly during term time in cities across Scotland, in addition parental workshops were also held.

“The benefits are huge and cannot be over stated. My daughter’s speech has improved immensely. Her vocabulary has increased, her speech is clearer, and we are both better at signing.  She’s recognising words and is able to match a selection of words. She is able to communicate better with those around her and gets less frustrated as she can make herself understood.

It benefits me as a parent as it demonstrates ways of using play and simple games to help develop her language. I can put this into practice outside of the class so while the class is an hour in the week, the impact is much more significant

I think of all the services that Down Syndrome Scotland provide, this is the one that impacts most significantly and positively on people with Down’s Syndrome”.


Mum of Ellie, aged 4, ABC Programme


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