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Project Title: Aberlour Youthpoint – Glasgow

Aberlour Youthpoint – Glasgow reaches out to young people living in areas of high deprivation, where they are at risk of getting involved in drug and alcohol use, criminal activity and gang culture. With home lives which are often troubled and unhappy, many are offered little care and guidance by their families, while for some home may even be unsafe.

Our funding supports street workers to reach out to these young people, providing support, advice and positive opportunities, while gaining insight into the lives they lead and the risks they face.  The workers take an ‘early intervention’ approach, tackling problems as soon as they emerge to give children and young people the best chance in life.

Keith and Daniel are two young men, both from Govan in Glasgow. They have engaged with street work and a weekly youth club offered by the service. Today they are both positive, independent young men in education and employment, with bright futures ahead of them.

“One of the youth workers I know best is Johnny. He is easy to talk to. He was very open and relaxed with me and doesn’t come across like a teacher or an authority figure. He’s more like a peer. I started going to the youth club he runs in Govan and we’d do workshops there on subjects like gang violence, sexual health and alcohol and drug use.

Youthpoint helped me realise that I could achieve more with my life.

Although I began to change my life in a positive way, things were still very stressful for me at home. My dad and my grandad helped me through these things a lot but Johnny and Youthpoint were a big part of my support.

I was under a lot of pressure and I was very stressed at school. One day when I was talking with Johnny, something clicked and I realised I wanted to be in the other chair. I wanted to help others the way he was helping me.

Ever since, I’ve kept my head down and focused on becoming a youth worker. I’ve changed my life around.

Youthpoint was my lifeline.”



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    9th Mar 2020

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