Medical Research

We fund medical research charities who are supporting research projects in Scotland. We also provide grants to Universities directly through our seedcorn grants. The  researchers we support are creating a better future for children and adults affected by neurological conditions or visual impairment. We are interested in research that looks into the causes, prevention and management of conditions.

We also fund charities that provide care and welfare for people living with visual impairment and neurological conditions.

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Recent Awards

Year Recipient Project Title Amount
2016-17 Action Medical Research Epilepsy and sleep-disordered breathing £48,253
2016-17 Fight for Sight Developing a novel therapy for AMD £60,000
2016-17 Heriot-Watt University The Maria Ogilvie Gordon Discovery Programme £36,000
2016-17 The INSPIRE Foundation Brain Train £16,048
2016-17 Tommy's Paediatric brain repair in cerebral palsy £20,000
2016-17 University of Edinburgh Development Trust Edinburgh Compassion Initiative £30,000
2016-17 University of Edinburgh Development Trust Edinburgh Neuroscience Seedcorn Fund £150,000
2015-16 Alzheimer's Research UK The molecular processes that lead to dementia £30,000
2015-16 Alzheimer's Research UK Targeting tau protein to prevent dementia £30,000
2015-16 International Spinal Research Trust Epac activation and silk fibre scaffolds £45,000
2015-16 Muscular Dystrophy UK Protecting Motor Neurones in SMA £43,673
2015-16 Reverse Rett MECP2 Gene Therapy Consortium £30,000
2015-16 University of Aberdeen Development Trust Seedcorn Funding for Research in Visual Impairment £35,000
2015-16 University of Edinburgh Development Trust Muir Maxwell Centre Seedcorn Fund £50,000
2015-16 University of St Andrews The R S Macdonald Seed-Corn Fund £75,000
2015-16 University of the West of Scotland Learning Disability and Dementia: Seedcorn grant £15,000

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